It is an honor to advance to the East again at Moosup Lodge 113 in 2018. In my Masonic journey, I’ve been blessed to serve Connecticut Masonry in several ways. It’s been 10 years since I last sat in the oriental chair as worshipful master here at Moosup lodge. I want to thank you for your support and I look forward to another great year with my brothers. We have a great officer line to help keep the lodge heading in the right direction, with both seasoned veterans and some younger masons who will advance through the line.

This year I want to focus more on rehearsals to help both younger and seasoned officers and brothers sharpen their skills. This will assure that, when it comes time to do the degrees, we will be ready for the challenge.

Over the last several years, Moosup Lodge has become financially healthy again. It is, in a large part, due to the labors of its brethren, frugality and sound financial management. Though rentals managed by the building corporation, the lodge rents to the building corporation have not increased. This allows us to keep the lodge dues in check. Another way we ward off dues increases is through the bi-weekly All You Can Eat Breakfasts. We use the profits of one breakfast a month to do this.

Our philanthropic efforts have increased over the last 2 years. One breakfast a month is staffed by a local non-profit organization and the profits are donated to that organization. We will continue looking for organizations that are a good fit for us to work with, to help the community. Through the successes of the Scholarship fund raising efforts, that include the Shirley Martel Memorial Scholarship Banquet, The Scholarship fund is healthy. More work is needed in this area to get tickets out earlier as well as soliciting donations from large local and national companies for alternate fund raising opportunities. We will work on this more going forward. During the holidays, we will sponsor a local family in need again this year. Collection of food will start in September and continue through Thanksgiving to just before Christmas.

As in past years, we have some big events coming up in 2018. We will be hosting another “Ye Ol’ Table Lodge” This year. Though the name is the same, it will be a festive board, affording us the ability to have non-masons join us. Because of tighter regulations, the date is to be determined. The VJ Day Parade will be August 12, 2018 and we look forward to having another large group of masons to march with us. As usual, we will host an All You Can Eat Breakfast that morning.

As we step firmly into 2018, I look forward to travelling to area lodges and enjoying attending various events in the local districts.


RW. Bro. Ken Sheldon, Worshipful Master 2018