Brothers All,
Another year has passed and I have been given the opportunity to sit in the East once again. We have lots of new people in places they haven’t been before and that makes me extremely happy for the future of Moosup. All but 2 positions are filled with Brothers who have never been there before. It is awesome. Everyone is working hard and preparing for the work ahead of us for the year, and it is paying off. We have a couple candidates for the first half of this year to bring in and some to finish being raised. It is going to be a busy year as usual and eveyone is stepping up and helping to get it done. We are looking forward to seeing our Brothers back at labor and refreshment on off Tuesdays. If you do stop by, be sure to say hello and congratulate our Mason of the Year, Brian will be glad to see you. Thank you my Brothers for all that you do to keep us Moosup #113.
Brother Charles Carpenter
Worshipful Master